How to maintain a healthy weight for life and never go on another diet again!

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By Holly L

July 30, 2020

Are you fed up with diets that don’t work, do you want to take control of your health, fitness and weight once and for all… for life?

woman in black tank top and black shorts sitting on floorHave you had enough of scrolling through social media looking at endless images of women showing off their abs, claiming that all you need to do is follow their ab workout for the perfect bikini body?

Are you tired of people telling you that losing weight is simple, you just need to eat less and exercise more?

Have you tried numerous diets only to find they work short term but as soon as you go back to ‘normal’ you’re right back where you started, or worse?

Are you sick of wasting money on the latest app full off endless workout videos and recipes that you never seem to get around to?

Then you are me

Thats exactly where I was 10 years ago (with less of the apps as they weren’t as big back then!) In fact, whilst there appears to be more information and help available, I think it’s more confusing than ever.  We get bombarded with conflicting advice about health and fitness.

Throughout my 20s and early 30s I must have spent over £20,000 on gym memberships, personal trainers, diet clubs, books, apps, the list goes on.  I wish someone had just said to me, stop! You don’t need another personal trainer or diet plan to follow, you need a health coach.

Exercise is really important for health, but it should be enjoyable and you should feel great after doing it.  So if you’ve been forcing yourself to take part in the latest on-line HIIT workout, and hating every minute it will not be sustainable.  And guess what? If your goal is to be the best version of yourself exercise will only contribute 20%.  The other 70% comes from what we eat and the final 10% comes from how we take care of ourselves, things like making sure we get enough sleep and reducing stress.

I help my clients to be the best version of themselves which often means finding and sustaining a healthy weight, liking what they see in the mirror, feeling confident in their skin, waking up feeling energised and able to achieve their goals.

Diets don’t work

woman facIt’s time to ditch the diet and start building a new healthy lifestyle.  I hold an MSc in coaching and that’s where my programme begins.  Not in the gym or in the kitchen but getting to understand you.  So many of my clients generally know what it is they should be doing, but something gets in the way.  Changing your relationship with food and exercise is psychological.   Therefore, for you to bring about long term change you must take time to truly understand the behaviours, thoughts and beliefs around your current lifestyle that are getting in your way.


Start now

Changing your relationship with food, exercise and your body can be difficult so don’t go it alone.  I coach women like you to ditch the diets for good and empower you to find and maintain your healthy weight for life, even when it feels impossible.

Together we will identify the right tools and techniques to develop long term sustainable healthy habits that support your lifestyle.  Designing the programme around your needs, we will cover everything from food, exercise, gut health, sleep, stress and hormones as all these things, if not in balance, could be preventing you from reaching your optimal health and weight.

You can do this, let’s quieten that inner critic in your head thats holding you back.

You deserve to be the best that you can be, to feel amazing and look amazing!

Contact me now to set up a free call to see if I can help, what do you have to lose? More importantly, what could you gain?

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